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Higher School of Applied Sciences (VIST) is higher education and research organisation which implements 1st and 2nd cycle programmes Cosmetics and Photography - only ones of a kind in Slovenia.

We are active in the field of dermocosmetic research, where our main focus is on influence of products, nutrition and procedures on skin.

Study programs

  • Cosmetics, 1st cycle (Bachelor Degree): 3 years, 6 semesters, 180 ECTS credits
    Modular studies (parts of 1st cycle programe): Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Wellness, Make-up, Entrepreneurship in cosmetics, Pedicure and Manicure
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  • Podology, 1st cycle (Bachelor Degree): 3 years, 6 semesters, 180 ECTS credits; separate program within the Cosmetics, 1st cycle study
    First and only study from this field in Slovenia gives knowledge for holistic treatment of feet as well as nails in a systematic way, at the higher education level.
  • Cosmetics, 2nd cycle (Masters Degree): 2 years, 4 semesters, 120 ECTS credits
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  • Photography, 1st cycle (Bachelor Degree): 3 years, 6 semesters, 180 ECTS
    Modular studies (parts of 1st cycle programe): Advertising and Fashion Photography, Photography Techniques, Fine Art Photography, Multimedia Photography, Journalism Photography
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Cosmetics 1st and 2nd cycle programs are modern, knowledge based, practice-oriented study programs, unique to Slovenia and there are only few comparable programs throughout Europe. Programs are beauty therapy & wellness oriented. They cover variety of cosmetic and wellness fields and also make-up design.

Masters program is more specialized, covers special topics of beauty therapy as pre- and post-surgical beauty therapy, beauty therapy for special conditions of skin.

Photography 1st cycle program is modern practice-oriented study program, comparable to similar programs around the world. It covers a broad range of photography topics at the level of an undergraduate study course, featuring a wide range of subjects and specializations,

Research: Efficacy trials for cosmetic products and procedures

In the Institute for Cosmetics we are active in the field of dermocosmetic research.

We conduct efficacy trials* and provide the tests and reports to substantiate variety of cosmetic claims for both, products and procedures.

*efficacy trials: a set of procedures conducted to test the product's intended purpose in order to substantiate claims about what product/procedure does

We provide:

  • Moisturisation testing
  • Anti-wrinkle assessments
  • Skin tone & Colour /Lightening assessments
  • Skin Elasticity / Skin Firmness assessments
  • Spot-Prone Skin Assessments
  • Imaging of the dermis and subcutis /Dermis regeneration assessments
  • Collagen and Elastin assessments...& much more

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